2016 Prius in Review

It’s time to review the 2016 Prius and see what people loved and what they did not. Of course, the experts at Toy Car Care can also give you some valuable information on this car as we are the specialists and know a thing or two about how it handles and what it can offer you, good and bad.

The 2016 Prius is a sensible and efficient car that appeals to many because of its low cost in driving and maintenance. So far, there have been varied reactions to the new features, with previous Prius owners and new owners divided in their opinions. Let’s talk about what’s new with this model.

This new Prius is longer, lower and wider than previous models and has an independent rear suspension that allows for more responsive handling and a steadier ride. It gets 52 miles per gallon, which beats the previous 44 miles per gallon. It also has a colorful digital dashboard that is both fun and informative.

It feels more like a sports car versus the typical family van or sedan, with a sleek new hood design that allows an aerodynamic feel. One of the coolest features is the rear lights. Instead of going with the standard regular square lights, Toyota outdid themselves and installed LED zigzag lights that zig out at the rear spoiler and continue downwards making it a cool night feature for anyone driving behind you.

The spoiler is now part of the rear window and hatch, which is good because it allows you more visibility out of the back window than the older models. Plus it’s designed to keep the driver’s headlights from behind blinding you when looking in the rear view mirror, brilliant!

Not all people, however, are thrilled with the look of the Prius, especially the back end. Some feel that Toyota went too far in making it look so modern, but many people stop, stare and smile at what they see. The side view is just so-so, nothing spectacular and slightly rounded.

Moving onto the interior, now this is something worth seeing. This car has great illumination, colors and simplicity, a definite conversation starter for both drivers and passengers alike. Bluetooth, streaming and “hands-free” are part of the package, which are great features to have. The strategically placed steering wheel buttons make a lot of sense and allow for easy navigating so that you can keep your eyes on the road. The only problem regarding the steering wheel is that there is no gap at the bottom. This takes away that convenient spot where you would typically allow your hands to rest on long drives. It’s a pretty minor adjustment to get used to, just odd to not find it there.

As for the air conditioning buttons, they have gone with a rather retro look with the buttons, but it offers an amazing ECO mode air conditioning button that is energy efficient, sacrificing fan speed when necessary to reduce energy. Additionally, there is a button that will control whether the air is routed to the entire cabin or exclusively to the front seats. So, whether you have two passengers or four in the new Prius, these controls offer yet another way to conserve energy.

The shifter knob has also been moved, and that is a good thing. Where it was located in the older models in comparison to how often it was used, did not justify it being in the way.

The newer generation Prius does not seem to have all the storage space of the later models, but in general, it has some great storage features and uses the space well. It may take some time finding the hidden features throughout this car, but they are all strategically placed and smart. As for the plastic accents around the interior, you will either like them or not, and thankfully there will be aftermarket covers to change the look.

The dash and gauges are easy to read, nicely illuminated, and an especially nice feature for keeping track of all your input and output. It really provides a lot of information for that inquisitive person Prius owner. The dash design is one feature of many that we feel the 2016 Prius did right.

So how does it drive, you ask? Well, for one of the smoothest rides ever, this is the ticket without a doubt. The 2016 Prius is quiet, comfortable, sleek and sporty. You may even feel like a race car driver behind the wheel. Some would say a quiet ride is hard to find in something so sporty, but Toyota has made it happen with the Prius 2016. The transition from gasoline to the battery is also smooth, quick and nimble, making switching up a breeze.

You can also choose from Normal, Power or Eco mode by using the toggle button in the center console, another nice feature. These modes are mostly self-explanatory, but if you always want it to feel sporty, keep it in Power mode. The Normal mode is where most people will likely keep the gauge for everyday in-town driving, and for the best of fuel mileage, switch it to “Eco” mode.

All in all, this car is going to turn heads everywhere it goes, because it looks great and gives you unbelievable miles per gallon ratio. It’s functional and full of cool features (that may take some time getting used to). If you take one of these Prius for a test drive, be sure to take it all in because there really is a lot going on both inside and out.

So, that’s the 2016 Prius in review! As far as maintaining your new ride, you can always count on Toy Car Care in Centennial for the best equipment, diagnostics, knowledge, and experience to help keep your 2016 Prius looking and feeling its absolute best. The team at Toy Car Care looks forward to helping you see the many benefits of this amazing little car with a sporty attitude.

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