7 Undeniable Signs Your Toyota Needs Electrical Repair

Toyota Needs Electrical RepairToday, our experts at Toy Car Care want to give you a look at signs your Toyota needs electrical repair.

Electrical problems can arise at any given time, but there are certain things to look for beforehand. Once you start seeing signs be sure to go immediately to the professionals for help.

Our certified technicians are the pros you can trust for keeping your Toyota vehicle running in tip-top shape.

From recommended oil changes to rotating tires, general service appointments and all electrical repair needs, we have you covered.

If you notice the following occurrences happening, they may be signs your Toyota needs electrical repair:

1. Your Car Just Won’t Start

You’re late for work, jump in your car, turn the key, and….nothing. It could be the battery, alternator or starter.

Did you notice if the interior lights came on when you got in? If so, then you likely have a dead battery. If the lights lit up, then it may be your alternator. If it’s the starter that went, you will hear a distinct and rapid, “click,” “click,” “click,” when you turn the key.

All good reasons to phone someone for a ride and drop your car off at Toy Car Care for diagnosis.

2. Battery Damage

It is always important to inspect your battery from time to time, especially if you seem to be getting stranded often, and need a jump start from complete strangers.

Corrosion, stains and buildup around the terminals can be a sign that you may need a new battery. A leaking battery will be on its way out soon, and remember, you do not want to get that stuff on your clothes or skin, so take it to someone as quickly as possible.

Buying a quality battery will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

3. Dim Lights

If you notice your headlights are not as bright as they once were while driving, or perhaps even the interior lights are a little dull, it could be the voltage regulator, if you have already ruled out the battery and alternator.

Remember, all three of these go hand in hand, so if one is weak, the others will more than likely follow suit. Have it checked out immediately for safety.

4. Brake Lights Not Working

If you have replaced the bulbs, and are still having an issue with your brake lights, you may have a blown fuse. Check out the fuse box in your car and have them tested and replaced. This is an inexpensive and easy fix!

5. Spark Plug Issue

Air and fuel pumped into your engine electrical current are transferred through the spark plug wires to the spark plugs which keeps the pistons pumping to start your vehicle, but if spark plugs become dirty, they can misfire, causing a rough running engine or a vehicle that won’t start.

Don’t forget this critical inspection when going through the checklist of possible problems.

6. Alternator

The alternator is kind of like the beating heart of your vehicle; it is responsible for turning the mechanical energy of the engine’s rotating crankshaft into electricity through induction.

The alternator is responsible for all your switches, lights, heaters, music, and more functioning, as well as charging the battery, and alternators can be expensive, so it is essential to rule out any other electrical issues before having to replace your alternator.

7. Odd Smell

The smell of plastic, or something burnt, is never a good sign in a car.

Many of the wires that are connected within your vehicle are insulated and carry a current of power to all the areas where it is needed if there is a short or faulty wire it can catch on fire and be an extreme safety hazard.

Be sure to stop at your local repair shop immediately because your Toyota needs electrical repair.

When Your Toyota Needs Electrical Repair

Electrical problems are a somewhat tricky diagnosis, and at Toy Car Care we are well equipped with the latest diagnostic machines and competent technicians to give you an accurate and detailed description of what may be going on within your vehicle.

Unless you are mechanically inclined, don’t waste another moment trying to figure out if it is your battery, alternator, fuse, or other issue. Sorting out your vehicle’s electrical issues is an important task that should be left to the professionals.

Remember, if you are starting to see signs your Toyota needs electrical repair, do not hesitate to bring it in as soon as you can to Toy Car Care for a checkup.

Our knowledge and expertise on all makes and models of Toyota vehicles can give you a speedy diagnosis, and sound advice to make your Toyota vehicle safe, reliable and ready to drive, without any electrical issues along the way.

Schedule your next service soon!

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