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Cold Air from Your Toyota Car Heater? Here’s What’s Going On.

Temps are down, and you’re getting cold air from your Toyota car heater. If so, Toy Car Care in Centennial should be the first stop to see what may be causing the issue and get it fixed. We understand the fundamental workings of all makes of Toyota vehicles, and want to ensure you stay warm this winter when driving to and from work, taking the kids to school and getting around town.

Let’s say it’s the dead of winter and you’ve had the car warming up for several minutes. All you want to do is go from a cozy warm house to a warm car. But, no. You get to your car and it’s chilly inside. Is your Toyota car heater blowing cold air? Here are some possibilities to help you understand why this may be happening to your car heater.

Usually, you can expect the issue to be one of two things in your car AC/heating system – either the coolant is not flowing through your heater core, or air from the blower motor is not directed through your heater core. Of course, there may be other underlying causes, but these two first ones are an excellent place to start. Here’s how it works. Most cars have water cooled engines, so the coolant from the engine passes through the heater core, and the blower motor forces the air through. The coolant then heats the air and then warms up the interior of the vehicle. So, until your engine heats up, you won’t have warm air blowing into the interior of your car.

If you’re wondering, is your Toyota car heater blowing cold air, here are some other issues that you will want to watch for:

  1. Not Enough Coolant: First, check this to be sure your levels are topped off.
  2. Stuck Thermostat: There’s a valve that opens and closes depending on the temperature of the coolant. The valve will remain closed until the coolant reaches the desired temperature, but if the valve gets stuck and does not open, the coolant will not circulate, causing the engine to overheat, and your heater to blow cold air instead of hot.
  3. Air Gets into the Cooling System: The heater core is the main component of the cooling system. When air gets trapped in the cooling system, it causes air bubbles, which will need to be flushed out to fix the issue.
  4. Plugged Heater Cores: Check to see if the coolant is flowing through the heater core with a non-contact thermometer. If not, flush the heater core and this should fix the problem. Some vehicles have a valve installed in the heater core inlet line. If the valve is stuck closed, that may also answer the question, is your Toyota car heater blowing cold air. Sometimes corrosion and plugged inner tubes may be the culprit, or debris has interrupted the heater core fins. Break open the heater box and clean it out completely. Look for these tell-tale signs if you suspect a heater core issue: fog inside your car, fruity smell, your car is using a lot of coolant, and the engine overheating.
  5. Heater Controls: Over the years, these controls can get gummed up or worn out, and stop working. Replace the control buttons of your heater control valve by locating the switch underneath your hood.
  6. Water Leaks: Check the hoses, radiator, and water pump, for any leaks or damage. This will cause your heater to blow cold air instead of hot.
  7. Antifreeze: Be sure to have antifreeze in your coolant to prevent freezing in cold temperatures.

Remember, not only is it incredibly uncomfortable to be driving around in the freezing cold, but it can also be a safety hazard. If the temperature inside your vehicle is quite cold, and your heater is unable to blow warm air to keep the windows from fogging up, your driving situation will go from bad to worse very quickly. Don’t be left stranded in this situation. Be sure to get to Toy Car Care as quickly as possible to potentially prevent an accident.

What to Do About Your Heater Blowing Cold Air

Regular maintenance is also a great way to ensure all your levels, such as coolant, antifreeze, and oil are where they should be and clean. Try to get your vehicle on a schedule that will keep everything running in tip-top condition. Most newer cars may not need servicing of coolant until 60,000 to 100,000 miles, but it is always wise to have it checked when in for factory scheduled maintenance, regardless. By attending to these tasks before the weather turns cold, you will save a lot of frustration when the snow and rain arrives.

The fact is, it can be somewhat hard to diagnose and answer the question, is your Toyota car heater blowing cold air. If you have filled the coolant and it still seems to be an issue, it is likely something that should be left to the professionals to determine, unless of course, you have mechanical skills and can eliminate some of the above potentials. Saving time, money and frustration will be your best bet, so have it checked out as soon as possible.

Need a quick fix to until you can get to a shop? Try placing cardboard in front of the radiator and behind the front bumper. This will slow down the airflow through the radiator and heat up the coolant much faster. Do not cover the radiator completely; it still needs airflow. You may have to adjust the size. Keep an eye on the temperature gauges, and remember, this is not a fix, just a band-aid to get you to Toy Car Care for professional heating system repair.

At Toy Car Care, we have the answers to all your vehicle issues, mechanical to maintenance, and everything in between. Is your Toyota car heater blowing cold air? We have the diagnosis for that too. Bring your Toyota into Toy Car Care today for quick and convenient service that won’t leave you feeling frustrated and left out in the cold. Our technicians have the most up to date training and expertise to ensure your Toyota vehicles are performing their absolute best.

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