Games to Play While Road Tripping in Your Toyota this Summer

If you are getting ready for a summer road trip with the family, stop into Toy Car Care for a quick service, and be sure to check out these games to play while road tripping in your Toyota this summer.

Remember as a kid, back in the day, getting ready for that summer vacation? Sometimes the best part was the journey, and the road games played along the way. So, put down your iPhones, tablets, and accessories, because the following games are going to require you to put your thinking caps on and converse with each other, while watching the scenery go by, just like the “olden” days.

SLUG BUG/PUNCH-BUGGY: An all-time favorite, this requires keeping your eyes peeled for VW Beetles, old or new. An easy game, the first person to pick out a Bug lightly punches another player on the shoulder and yells out “slug a bug green” or whatever color the car is. Play until you reach your destination or set a time limit. The person with the most “punch-buggies” wins! Warning: There may be a few bruises involved!

I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE, SOMETHING…. (fill in the color or verb): This is a great one to play with small children, as it is not too complicated and can pass a lot of time. Just state the above phrase, and have the person or passenger guess what it is you are looking at. In the case of traveling, pick something within the car, so it doesn’t pass by.

CAR SPOTTING: Another easy game, try to guess what the model of the oncoming car is. First person right wins…one caution, this can quickly escalate into a hilarious shouting match!

SWEAR JAR: Doesn’t have to be a swear word, and better if you choose a more common word that people want to say often. Every time they say it, or you trip them up, they put a coin or dollar in the jar for the junk food fund.

LICENSE PLATE GAME: Similar to Slug Bug, but this time, look for out of state license plates, and instead of a punch, why not give a smooch if you are playing with a loved one, or a light pinch if it’s your sibling.

WOULD YOU RATHER: This is a game of choices, and the grosser, the better. For example: Would you rather eat a fresh cow pie or a dried up one, and why?

WHAT’S THEIR STORY: Pick a car on the road with an unusual or interesting family in it. Everyone take a good look, but nothing too creepy, and each person tells their version of what they think that family’s story is. Such as, where they are going, what they do for a living, what their relationship is, how long they have been traveling, etc. The most outrageous story wins!

20 QUESTIONS: The first question is always, “Is it an animal, vegetable, or mineral?” After that, the players can ask pointed questions to try and guess, such as, “Does it growl?” or “Can you squish it?” for example. They have to be “yes” or “no” answers. If you get to the 20th question without a clear winner, everyone has one last chance to figure it out before the “thing” is revealed, and then the next person gets a turn picking a word, and so on.

NAME THAT TUNE: You can either use the radio or humming for this game. Whoever yells out the name of the song first, wins.

FINISH THE STORY: The first person starts with a story line such as, “One day I was walking down the beach, and I spotted an old…”. The next person then takes this cue and continues by saying, “…crazy dog running in the waves and chasing after a….”, then the next person goes, and so on.

TUNNELS: Every time you go through a tunnel, see who can hold their breath the longest.

SCAVENGER HUNT: Have someone make a list of items that could be found on your trip while looking out the windows, for example, cows, tractors, hay fields, taxis, ice cream stands, goats, etc. Whoever yells out the item first, puts their name by the item. The person who gets the most on the list wins the scavenger hunt, and the reward offered at the beginning.

THE MOVIE GAME: The game starts with an actor/actress; the next person has to say a film that they were in, and the next person has to state another actor/actress from that movie, etc. If someone is wrong, they have to sit out the next round. Great game for movie buffs!

REGIONAL FOOD MASTER: This will be a great game for the people who love to snack. At each gas station, you have to find a local snack from that area, and it can only be one food item. The item has to have been made or created in that region or area. Whoever has the most snacks upon arrival at the destination, wins!

BATTLE OF THE BANDS: Two people will battle for the best song based on a chosen category. For example; “songs about rivers” or “country songs.” Each contestant takes a turn with their chosen song and sings it to the best of their ability; then the car judges choose a winner.

WORD ASSOCIATION: An easy and fun game of words, and good for the brain. Someone thinks of a word, such as “hamburger,” the next person needs to say a word that is associated with ” hamburger” such as, “patty.” The next person might say, “mint,” then “candy”‘ then “cane” etc., until someone says something completely unassociated with the word at hand, thereby starting the game over.

So, you see, these are great games to play while road tripping in your Toyota this summer, and just think of the quality bonding time you will gain. Of course, when the boredom kicks in, you could always start with a verse from the old song “99 bottles of beer on the wall”…. or NOT! Toy Car Care wishes you well wherever your journeys take you, and we are always there to ensure your vehicle is tip-top condition.

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