Is Your Toyota Check Engine Light On?

Toyota Check Engine Light At Toy Car Care in Centennial, we know that your safety is super important. Is your Toyota check engine light on? That could be a major concern for you. Don’t delay bringing your vehicle in to have the experts check it out. It could be something as simple as a small electrical issue, or computer reset, or it could be something more in-depth and costly if left unattended.  A car’s emissions system, onboard diagnostics system and engine control unit are in charge of monitoring a bunch of different areas within your vehicle, and if they get a reading that’s a little odd, the check engine light will pop up.

Toy Car Care has top of the line TIS Techstream computer analysis technology to determine why your check engine light may be illuminated. With this latest technology, we can determine very accurately what the problem is. This advanced software also allows us to view vehicle calibration updates, manuals, technical service bulletins, vehicle reprogramming and more. You will get the answers in a jiffy, and our ASE certified technicians will repair and or service what needs to be done with precision.

Your car’s intricate system is called the OBD system, (on-board diagnostic system) which was updated in 1996; it continually samples exhaust emissions as they come out of the engine and when they leave the catalytic converter, a device that removes carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon pollutants from the exhaust. This system also monitors your car’s fuel system to ensure that gasoline vapors are not escaping into the air through a leak or your missing gas cap; hence this is the reason your Toyota check engine light will come on.

So what are some of the possible causes of your Toyota check engine light coming on? Here are the possibilities:

  • Leak in the vacuum hose
  • Bad thermostat
  • Failing catalytic converter
  • O2 sensor issue
  • Airflow sensor malfunction
  • EVAP purge control valve or EVAP solenoid issue
  • Bad plugs or ignition coils
  • Loose gas cap
  • Aftermarket alarm issues
  • Dead battery
  • Wet engine
  • Blown head gasket
  • Lose or cracked hoses or manifolds
  • Sticky exhaust recirculating valves
  • Deteriorated or pinched O rings

Of course, the above mentioned are just some of the general causes of your Toyota check engine light illumination. You will want to ensure it is nothing more severe by taking your car in immediately to rectify the situation. If you notice a blinking check engine light, this is even a more pressing concern that needs attention quickly. Believe it or not, 10% of all cars on the road have had a check engine light illuminated for 3 months or more, and drivers ignore the issue, according to various reports.

If you are somewhat mechanically inclined, you can locate your owner’s manual and go through the list of check engine light codes and possible reasons for illumination. If it is something you can determine on your own, by all means, go ahead, but just to be sure, have it diagnostically inspected by an auto shop that specializes in Toyota makes and models. Dealerships are an option, but can sometimes be inconvenient due to how busy they usually are, and of course, costs are usually higher.

Remember, a flashing check engine light indicates a SERIOUS problem. Drive directly to have it diagnosed or have it towed if symptoms are severe. A blinking Toyota check engine light means that your engine is misfiring, which could damage the catalytic converters, have it attended to immediately. A solid light on will correspond to the above items mentioned, but again, should not be ignored for a considerable length of time. It is also recommended to have your regularly scheduled Toyota maintenance service taken care of, there is a light for that too. This will ensure that everything is functioning at its optimum, and hopefully will reduce the frequency of your check engine light coming on.

So, is your Toyota check engine light on? Well, we hope you are not one of those vehicle owners who choose to ignore it, cover it up with tape so it is out of sight and out of mind. Once in a while, the light may come on due to no concern whatsoever, perhaps humidity in the air or otherwise. It may even turn itself off, but Toy Car Care hopes you don’t take a chance. Just come see us and let our experts put your mind at ease with a prompt and accurate diagnosis, as well as repairs. We look forward to your visit.

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