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Maintenance for milestone birthdays

Do you have a relative who lived to 90 or 100? There was a big family celebration, right? Everyone loves a milestone birthday, and many quality car owners feel great, too, when their Toyota, Lexus, or Scion reaches a major milestone achievement like fifty or one hundred thousand miles on the road. It may even call for cake and a party!

Make sure your vehicle has a chance to celebrate by caring for and maintaining it for the long haul. Suggested maintenance schedules are always great to browse on a regular basis, as is setting up standard check-ups with the experts at Toy Car Care. We take our time reviewing everything in your beloved car, like timing belts, radiator and transmission fluids, and more. We can dispose of fluid waste and check on anything that concerns you.

Best of all, we are glad to help celebrate the next big milestone birthday with you and your Toyota, Lexus, or Scion. Maybe we’ll even sing with you!

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