Meet the Future Toyota Adventure Concept

Future Toyota Adventure Concept Toy Car Care in Centennial wants you to get acquainted with, and meet the Future Toyota Adventure Concept (FT-AC) vehicle if you are looking for adventure, and something out of the ordinary. This new technology and design is something we love to see at Toy Car Care, and we are sure you will want to take one of these for a test drive when they go mainstream.

People’s lifestyles are changing, and the thirst for adventure and getting outdoors is becoming more and more popular. Read on about this exciting new Toyota fun for all.

Heads will turn your way when you head to the hills after a long work week, with the Future Toyota Adventure Concept’s wide, black, front grille with flanked bright LED headlights, and sleek style. You will most certainly be in style, cruising on the pavement or the dirt.

Fog lights brighten the road during poor weather and can even be taken out from their “pods” and used as portable lights. You can even attach them to your mountain bike. Underneath you are looking at twin hooks for vehicle recovery, skid plates to help protect the short front and rear overhangs, and extra wide fender flares that provide shielding from the 20-inch wheels and muscular all-terrain tires which give it maximum clearance.

Got a tent, bike, and loads of gear? No problem, the Future Toyota Adventure Concept has you covered there too. Check out the safari looking cargo rack that can haul just about anything. And did we mention LED marker lights at its front corners to provide ambient lighting around the vehicle, or to brighten the trail ahead?

The infrared cameras on the side mirrors can record your every move, no matter what adventure you are seeking, and, they too can be removed and mounted off-vehicle, so you will never miss a shot. From there you can use the integrated Wi-Fi hotspot which automatically uploads footage to cloud-based storage where you can edit and post as you go.

Getting to where you need to go is a breeze with the Future Toyota Adventure Concept, because of its geo-location capabilities. Never be lost or left wondering where you are, ever again. This Toyota vehicle is taking travel possibilities to a new height, and at Toy Car Care, we are excited to see this one get great reviews. You’ll love the complementing color combination of Prospect Green and Fortress Grey accents that let you blend in with any rugged outdoor exterior. You could rank this vehicle somewhere between a RAV4 and The Highlander with a few more bells and whistles.

While still an experiment in progress, Toyota is imagining the Future Toyota Adventure Concept as a gasoline-powered vehicle with an advanced torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system. This will enable power to be routed, when needed, for major control and maximum traction. Variable terrain-response settings and 4-wheel lock functions will help keep this adventure vehicle capable of managing traction control and throttle response to provide a more enriched experience for driver and passenger.

Hybrid vehicles are the wave of the future, and just because you want to explore off the pavement doesn’t mean there should be a compromise in fuel efficiency and or beefier power. Drivers will expect all of that in the future vehicles that are coming our way, and the Future Toyota Adventure Concept will be right there in the forefront to deliver. Hey, if you are a bike enthusiast, you will appreciate the retractable integrated bike rack, which deploys from the rear bumper without having to haul around a bulky bicycle adapter. So if you do run out of gas, you can always ride your bike.

In a land of many outdoor escapes, the Future Toyota Adventure Concept debuted in Los Angeles this past month, and what a great venue to hold it in. Los Angeles has just the right demographic for what this new concept vehicle plans to put out there, and with the many diverse outdoor activities and young millennials in the area, it will probably get people talking on all levels.

Toy Car Care hopes you get to meet the Future Toyota Adventure Concept because this one is going to be big! And while it is still just a design experiment, when it does get to the showroom, be sure to get out and test drive one of these adventure-seeking crossovers. Always be sure to have Toy Car Care take care of all your vehicle maintenance, inspections, and service needs. We are specialized technicians that deal specifically with Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles, and we look forward to the opportunity to help keep your vehicles in the best shape possible.

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