What to do when the check engine light comes on

No, not the check engine light

At Toy Car Care in Centennial we know your heart sinks the moment that check engine light does not go out. There are all sorts of reasons a check engine light can come on in your Toyota. Here are some common reasons your light is telling you to get your car checked.

Your gas cap may be loose. If you recently made a stop for gas, check that you replace the cap and tightened it until it clicks.

An O2 sensor is bad. This is a common problem that can make a light go on without affecting the feel of your car.

Your engine can be misfiring due to bad spark plugs or wires.

It’s easy to guess why your warning lights are on, but your best bet is to take it to a reputable Toyota repair and service shop like Toy Car Care for a diagnostic check. That way you know whether you simply made a mistake, or your engine could be at risk.

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