What to do when your car breaks down

Signs that indicate your Toyota car needs service

There is a reason why Toyota is the top car manufacturer in the world. Their cars don’t break easily and are easy to maintain. However, your Toyota car requires regular service and maintenance to maintain a high level of performance. Below are seven signs that indicate your Toyota car needs service:

  1. Warning lights on your dashboard. They suggest that something in your engine is not right.
  2. Unresponsive or very sensitive breaks.
  3. Your car does not accelerate when you need the power to overtake or move to a different lane.
  4. Weird unexplained noises are coming out of the vehicle. They indicate that a problem is brewing.
  5. Excessive cloud of smoke coming out of the exhaust.
  6. Ignition problems (your car takes time to start or don’t start at all).
  7. Your car suddenly stalls. It is a sign that the air filters are clogged or the spark plugs are faulty.

If your Toyota car shows any of the above signs, call us or visit our auto shop. Our experienced technicians are ready to help.

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