Toyota Recalls 2016 Highlander For Disconnected Wiring Harnesses

You know the saying, “better safe than sorry,” and that’s why Toyota recalls the 2016 HIGHLANDER for disconnected wiring harnesses. No one wants to see themselves in an unfortunate situation such as a crash because of a faulty system, and no one knows better than Toy Car Care how to deal with this recall. Call today to get your situation resolved immediately, ensuring a safe ride and peace of mind.

Below is information on why Toyota needed to issue the recall and inform their drivers of the 2016 HIGHLANDER problem.

The wiring harness is pretty much the overall electrical lifeline component of your vehicle; it is what makes everything function correctly; kind of like the “brains” of your vehicle. If all the information is not being received or registered, then disaster can strike, as malfunctions are a reality.

Toyota’s primary concern regarding this recall is the area of the harness that connects to the brake fluid reservoir, which may or may not have a sensor plugged in. The warning light may not illuminate and in turn, places the Highlander in violation of federal safety standards.

We all know just how important our brakes are when driving. In relation to this recall, if the brake fluid is too low and cannot reach the brake calipers, a warning light will pop up, advising the driver that it needs to be attended to immediately. Without the wiring harness connector, there will be no warning signal at all, and this could lead to a potential crash.

Just over 7,100 examples of the HIGHLANDER crossover are being recalled, which relatively speaking, is a small number of affected owners, thankfully.

To make this situation right, dealerships and service centers such as Toy Car Care have offered their services and will do complete inspections on brake fluid reservoirs, and if necessary, plug in the wiring harness correctly.

Of course, this may be something you could tackle on your own if you have any mechanical background or experience, but usually, the norm with recalls is straight forward and simple. You will be alerted via mail of the type of recall along with the make, model, and year of the truck in question. You will also be given instructions on what to do to repair it.

Most repairs are paid for by the manufacturer and will say so in the letter. So why worry about doing the repair yourself when it truly is not necessary and covered by the manufacturer?

Save yourself some of the time, effort, and hassle of doing it yourself and drop on over to the friendly people at Toy Car Care who specialize in all things Toyota.

When Toyota recalls the 2016 HIGHLANDER for disconnected wiring harnesses, we are one of the first to know. We understand how important it is to not only inform our customers of the situation, but provide a quick repair that gets you safely back on the road. At Toy Car Care, our priority is our clients and the vehicles they drive. Let us help you today!

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