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Unique & well-loved Lexus features

Lexus vehicles have some real groupies. When a driver tries and buys a beautiful Lexus, it doesn’t take long before he or she is praising some of the very unique features offered on these cars. Here are some fan favorites, as touted by many loyal Lexus drivers:

– Push Button Start: Remote starting capability is a big winner with many, especially in inclement or uncomfortable weather.

– Extra-comfortable seating: How about that superior lumbar support? Excellent adjustment options and bonus heating and/or ventilation options make it even nicer.

– Logical, user-friendly controls: Drivers offer huge praise for the placement of so many controls right on the steering wheel. No more twisting and turning your head look behind it and around it. It’s right there in front.

– Clear, expansive visibility: It’s dangerous when cars have thick windshield frames or poor window clearance. Lexus vehicles offer maximum visibility with expansive windows and electrochromic mirrors.

Count yourself as a loyal Lexus fan if you, too, appreciate these very special features. When any issues arise, be sure to contact your fellow groupies and experienced technicians at Centennial for thorough Lexus repair services.

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