What Makes Toyotas so Reliable?

At Toy Car Care, we know what makes Toyotas so reliable and fun to drive. They are truly built to last with about 80% of all Toyota vehicles sold in the last 20 years still on the road. And we see at least one much older Toyota driving around the Denver area every day. Now, that’s hard to beat. Plus, Toyota dominates a variety of top 10 lists showcasing the most reliable cars.

So, let’s find out a little more in depth, what makes Toyotas so reliable.

Toyotas handle well, offer the best comfort, rarely break down, and the manufactures produce an extremely safe car. The Toyota company takes their time when it comes to new technology. That is why, when they come out with something new and improved, you can bet that it has been tested to the limits to ensure absolute perfection and safety. This brings unbelievable customer loyalty and support, because Toyota takes the time to get it right. Japanese manufacturers are usually on the more conservative side, and it would be against their character and integrity to just throw something out there, such as new steering techniques or gadgets that have not been put to the test.

Along with proper car maintenance and repair, Toyotas seemingly last forever because of the approach taken when building these vehicles. If a Toyota engineer detects a defect, the entire manufacturing process of that vehicle is stopped until the problem is resolved. They also have the belief that a machine should never be trusted over the human eye when it comes to quality control. This commitment to building a safe, efficient, and reliable car is still in practice today with Toyota. Many other manufacturers are only focused on getting out the newest, latest, and greatest to satisfy customer demand.

How does Toyota maintain its excellence and other companies can’t? Well, they are long term planners, open minded technology-driven workers, obsessed with not wasting or destroying the environment, innovative, and humble. Toyota is tops out of 29 other motor companies, and it is plain to see that their dedication to the points above, and their love of cars, is what contributes to such a strong customer following. Reliability aside, you can also count of these facts when purchasing a new Toyota:

  • Best Resale Value
  • Super Durable
  • The most AWD/4WD out there
  • Best in Safety
  • Most Innovative
  • Very Green
  • Top Residual Value
  • Bumper-to-Bumper Quality

Based on Consumer Reports 2016 annual auto survey, the Toyota Prius is number one for the most reliable vehicle. You will also find the Toyota 4 Runner in the top ten. Data was collected on over half a million vehicles for this survey and was based on 17 of the most common breakdowns that occur, such as transmissions, 4-wheel drive, brakes, etc., and it is good news that Toyota is at the top! So, step inside and enjoy the ride, stop by and see Toy Car Care to top off your oil and check the fluids. Now you know what makes Toyotas so reliable. Good job on choosing a fantastic vehicle that will get you where you need to go!

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