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Why it’s important to always heed Toyota recall notices

Many Toyota owners ignore recall notices believing that they can deal with repairs “later” because their vehicles run fine. There are also drivers who fear that taking a working Toyota to a repair shop for a recall might result in a dealer or certified repair shop tech finding other “problems” that need immediate repair. Consider the following:

  • Recalls normally involve “life-threatening” parts defects. Ignoring a recall can cause an accident that results in someone’s injury or death.
  • A procrastinating owner might be placed on a wait list. Dealers and repairs shops can run out of the parts needed to make the repairs.
  • A negative insurance outcome can happen. An insurer might cancel a Toyota owner’s policy if the person fails to follow recall requirements in a timely fashion.

At Toy Car Care, we also perform recall Toyota repairs. Our Recall Information page is regularly updated so that our Centennial customers have the information they need to stay safe. We recommend checking it often. For more information about the page or a recall notice that you received recently, contact us today.

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