Check Engine Light Repair Toyota Centennial CO

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If your check engine light comes on, your next steps are the diagnosis and repair of whatever the codes indicate. At Toy Car Care in Centennial, Colorado we take it a step further by popping open the hood of your Toyota, Lexus, or Scion and pinpointing the exact issue that’s triggering the check engine light.

We’ve helped many Toyota owners who have had a dealership, even auto parts store employees, cause a panic by indicating the need for an expensive repair – all based on a quick scan, not a full examination of the system throwing the code. Sure, some issues are more extensive, but a proper diagnosis from a Toy Car Care professional is the best place to start.

The check engine light is actually part of your vehicle’s onboard computer diagnostic system (OBD II), which keeps an eye on your emissions control system. When it comes on, the issue could be very simple to fix. However, if the check engine light is blinking, you’re possibly looking at a bigger issue and a more urgent situation that should not be ignored.

Some emissions system issues that could throw a code and trigger your check engine light include:

  • Damaged or loose gas cap

  • Failed O2 sensor

  • Vacuum hose leak

  • Failing catalytic converter

  • Faulty spark plugs or ignition coils

  • Mass airflow sensor malfunction

  • Bad thermostat

  • EVAP purge control valve failure

  • EVAP solenoid malfunction

With so many possibilities and check engine light codes that only point you in a general direction, your best bet is to bring your Toyota, Lexus, or Scion vehicle to Toy Car Care in Centennial for a full diagnosis and repair. We’ll figure out what’s going on, make any needed fixes and get you back on the road.

What to do when the check engine light comes on