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Well maintained vehicle for your young driver

Toyota is going to make you pay to start your car with your key fob

The functionality only lasts as long as your free trial. Toyota is charging drivers for the convenience of using their key fobs to remotely start their cars. According to a report from The Drive, Toyota models 2018 or newer will need a subscription in order for the key fob to support remote start functionality. As The Drive notes,…
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Winter maintenance for your Toyota, Scion and Lexus

Preparing Your Toyota for the Changing Seasons

When the seasons change, there’s a lot to do. You have to change out your wardrobe, get the house ready for the shifting weather, and more. Just don’t forget that in addition to all that, you also need to prepare your vehicle for the upcoming season. Here are the steps you should take to get…
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8 Tips for Finding Quality Toyota Auto Repair near you in Centennial

When your Toyota needs repairs, it’s just as important to choose quality Toyota repair shops as it is to move quickly. Not efficiently addressing a problem in your vehicle can lead to costly and time-consuming repairs down the line and so can choosing the wrong Toyota repair shops. Here are some tips for finding a…
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Timing belt diagnostics

Preventative Maintenance for Your Vehicle

Vehicle owners rely on their vehicles to get them where they need to go, on time and safe and sound. When you use your vehicle every day, it’s easy to take it for granted and forget to perform the necessary maintenance. That’s a mistake that could come back to haunt you, though. Factory maintenance is…
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Should I Buy a Camry or a Corolla?

Every year car manufacturers come out with a newer, arguably better, car than the year before. This leads not only to competition between the manufacturers, but also within the manufacturers themselves. If a new Toyota is in your sights for this year, you’ll need to consider the pros and cons of the ones most attractive…
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ls your car ready for your road trip?

All About Toy Car Care

Picking the right mechanic for your car and your goals can be a difficult process. You want to go to a shop with experience, but not one that will pressure you into choices. Toy Car Care operates as the largest independent Toyota and Lexus servicing and repair shop in Denver. With multiple employees having the…
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Toyota, Lexus and Scion alignment adjustments

Your Summer Maintenance Checklist

Whether you are a first-time car owner, doing your own maintenance for the first time, or are a seasoned, multi-car maintenance DIY owner, there is always room for checklists. We use them consistently on cars which come into our shop, and so we know how helpful they can be. We also know that sometimes maintenance…
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Toyota Camry repair Toy Car Care Centennial CO

Signs It Needs to Go In, and How You Should Protect Your Toyota

Toyotas are known for their safety features. They are one of the highest quality cars on the market because of their rather low maintenance and long lifetimes. They employ different types of safety procedures to best protect and serve the owners of their cars. For all of the protection that the cars provide to you,…
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What to do when the check engine light comes on

No, not the check engine light

At Toy Car Care in Centennial we know your heart sinks the moment that check engine light does not go out. There are all sorts of reasons a check engine light can come on in your Toyota. Here are some common reasons your light is telling you to get your car checked. Your gas cap…
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Lexus factory recommended maintenance

Car maintenance will keep your car running for years

At Toy Car Care in Denver we know that regular car maintenance is far easier on your wallet than waiting to get your car repaired. Problems that can affect a vehicle’s smooth running can be spotted at an early stage before any damage can become substantially more expensive to sort. Even more serious matters, which…
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Heating system check for winter

Is your Toyota car heater blowing cold air?

Is your Toyota car heater blowing cold air? If so, Toy Car Care in Centennial should be the first stop to see what may be causing the issue and get it fixed. We understand the fundamental workings of all makes of Toyota vehicles, and want to ensure you stay warm this winter when driving to…
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