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Timing belt replacement services from Toy Car Care, denver

Factory scheduled maintenance is more than a suggestion

We know that this can be a bit like regular health or dental check-ups. You know you should go at the appropriate time, yet kind of put it off if you can. However, with FSM, failing to keep these appointments could lead to your warranty cover being invalidated. Completing Factory Scheduled Maintenance can also increase…
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Well maintained vehicle for your young driver

Local auto repair in Denver

At Toy Car Care, we believe that everyone is entitled to take their vehicles where they want for repair and maintenance. And no, you don’t have to go to your dealer for service just because you purchased your car there. In fact, you can go to an independent service facility like ours, a retail chain shop,…
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Why isn't your AC Cooling?

Lexus air conditioning maintenance

It’s essential to maintain your Lexus air conditioning system for a luxurious driving experience. It will mean you can not only create a comfortable cabin temperature but also rely on your climate control temperature to keep you cool. These tips will help: For starters, recharge your car’s air conditioning refrigerant every 2 years. Additionally, use…
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Specializing in tuneups for your Scion, Lexus and Toyota

Key auto inspection areas to look at in spring

Vehicle inspections are often overlooked during colder months. Now that warmer weather has arrived, here are a few areas you must check. Fluids – to see if they are especially dark or contain unusual particles. Flush and refill as needed. Belts and hoses – looking for cracks that might have been caused by freezing temperatures.…
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Brake pad and shoe replacement for your Toyota, Scion and Lexus

Braking Bad!

We all know how disturbing it can be: that moment when someone steps out in front of a vehicle. Or, you’re driving along the freeway and a truck in front of you suddenly swerves. At such moments, we rely on two things: our own instincts and experience, and the brakes on our car. If your…
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ls your car ready for your road trip?

Why it’s important to always heed Toyota recall notices

Many Toyota owners ignore recall notices believing that they can deal with repairs “later” because their vehicles run fine. There are also drivers who fear that taking a working Toyota to a repair shop for a recall might result in a dealer or certified repair shop tech finding other “problems” that need immediate repair. Consider…
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Toy Car Care Centennial CO logo

Toyota car problems that you shouldn’t DIY

Many Toyota owners attempt to perform Toyota repairs to save on costly repairs. However, knowing exactly what’s involved in a repair and figuring out any other problem that may occur in the future is what separates a professional mechanic from a DIY project. Therefore, it’s important to always hire a mechanic for Toyota repair since…
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Toyota computer diagnostics at Toy Car Care Centennial CO

What’s actually involved in a Toyota engine rebuild?

This is a question our team has been asked more than once; the process can often also be described as an engine overhaul. The first stage is to disassemble the engine. This then allows an expert assessment of which parts are worn out to a level where they need to be replaced. A thorough clean…
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Toyota factory recommended maintenance

When the weather gets hotter, your Toyota shouldn’t!

At last, we can start to look towards warmer weather; shedding our winter wear as our world heats up nicely. Of course, there will then be those uncomfortably hot days to fret about! If we overheat, we can take measures to cool down; and it’s the same if your Toyota cooling system fails to keep…
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Toyota Camry repair Toy Car Care Centennial CO

Typical elements of factory scheduled maintenance for your Toyota

Many Toyota owners are surprised by the wide range of work that can be carried out during a visit to a repair shop. Here are some examples of services that can be done by Toyota repair specialists: Pressure checks for, and rotation of, the tires Replacement of wiper blades and spark plugs Inspections of exterior…
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Toyota, Scion and Lexus specialized repair services

Why TIS Techstream is an important diagnostic tool

This vehicle analysis system delivers a wealth of technical resources directly from the manufacturer. As a scanning tool, it allows for an analysis of all components in your Toyota. This system provides access to a wide range of assets, including technical service bulletins and vital diagnostic software. It also provides important collision repair manual information…
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Toyota, Scion and Lexus auto shop in Centennial CO

Three fascinating facts about the Toyota Prius

These days, the Toyota Prius is one of the most popular cars in the Denver area. But there’s a lot more to know about this efficient and eco-friendly vehicle. Three interesting facts are below: The very first Prius was sold in Japan in 1997. By 2000, it was available worldwide. The Prius was the first…
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