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Heating system check for winter

The top gear you need to carry in your Toyota in winter

Although many Toyota models handle winter weather with ease, these beloved vehicles can still experience breakdowns and accidents at any time that leave their drivers stranded while waiting for help. With this post, we hope to guarantee that you are well-prepared for these types of incidents. So always keep the following two kits in your…
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Lexus factory recommended maintenance

How to increase your Lexus’ resale value

As a Lexus owner, you have probably thought of selling your car before but don’t know how to increase its value. Increasing the value of your vehicle will help you to sell it at a good price. Here are some ways you can increase the value of your Lexus. Keep both the inside and outside…
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Transmission fluid exchange service

How to maximize the performance of your Toyota

Toyota is one of the leading car manufacturing companies in the world, and this can be credited to its high-performance vehicles. To ensure your car is operating at optimal performance, it is necessary to take it to a Toyota repair shop periodically for maintenance. Toyota vehicles ordinarily come with a maintenance schedule, which is a…
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Toyota Camry repair Toy Car Care Centennial CO

Reasons why Toyota’s have high resale values

Unlike most cars whose resale price reduces to almost half of the original value after several years of use, Toyota’s are quite different. Reports show that the car brand’s value greatly increases with proper care and maintenance. Below are some of the reasons Toyota cars have a high resale price: The brand is popular across…
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Toyota, Scion and Lexus specialized repair services

Interesting facts about the Scion

Scion is a car brand manufactured by Toyota, that launched in 2003. The car was designed to appeal to the young and goes at an economical price. Here are some facts about the Scion car brand. It launched in the US, and after successful sales in the country, Scion expanded its operations to Canada. The…
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Lexus factory recommended maintenance

Lexus maintenance tips for enhanced performance

Like most cars, a Lexus requires regular maintenance and ultimate care. When it comes to Lexus repair and maintenance, various tips should be kept in mind. Here are some important maintenance tips: Ensure you go for regular maintenance checkups. Do simple checkup routines in between scheduled appointments. As a driver observe road safety rules and…
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Scion engine repairs at Toy Car Care Centennial CO

What’s that smell? It might be a valve cover gasket leak

You’re driving down the highway, and that’s when it hits you – the thick, burning smell of oil! Terror sets in as you mistakenly believe that your vehicle is on fire, but upon checking under the hood, you see the real issue: your Toyota’s valve cover gasket is damaged, and its bleeding oil everywhere. Gasket…
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What to do when your car breaks down

Signs your car needs immediate repair

Proper maintenance and care of your vehicle are vital to increasing its durability and keeping it functional for an extended period. Unfortunately, many car owners forget to maintain their transmission and breaks, change their oil, and have a tune-up, leading to vehicle problems that need repair. Here are some problems that indicate your car needs…
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Toyota, Scion and Lexus heating and AC repair Denver

Can you smell your air conditioning?

It’s one of the signs that it might be in need of a little professional help. You might catch the whiff of antifreeze or a touch of mold (can be due to a build-up of mildew). Other tell-tale signs can include unexpected fluctuations in the temperature, the need to frequently refill refrigerant or coolant, or…
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Lexus factory recommended maintenance

The benefits of getting a tune-up

Occasionally, although your car may seem to be fine, it will need a tune-up. Standard tune-ups are crucial to keeping your car running smoothly and helping it last longer. What are the benefits of a tune-up? Better Mileage A tune-up will diagnose and fix any small problems in your vehicle that may be causing poor…
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Toyota engine repair service

Signs of a vacuum leak in your Toyota

Do you know what the check engine light on your Toyota indicates? There are many reasons for the check engine light to come on. By looking for any other inconsistencies in your car’s performance, you can diagnose the problem yourself and gauge the urgency of visiting a Toyota repair shop. If you notice other signs…
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What to do when the check engine light comes on

What does a check engine warning light mean?

There are all sorts of reasons a check engine light can come on in your Toyota vehicle. Here are some common reasons your light is telling you to get your car checked. Your gas cap may be loose. If you recently made a stop for gas, check that you replace the cap and tightened it…
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