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Your Guide to 100,000-Mile Toyota Camry Service

If you’re the owner of a Toyota Camry who intends to keep it for 100,000 miles or beyond, you surely know that shouldn’t be a problem: Toyota routinely makes the lists of the most reliable car brands. Even for owners of all other car brands, it isn’t unusual today for a vehicle to stay on…
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Questions to Ask Your Toyota Service Provider at 100K Miles

Watching your car’s odometer hit 100,000 miles used to be a big red flag. Back in the 1970s, experts considered that reaching the 100k mark was a sign of longevity. And, it usually meant that your car wasn’t long for this world. But today, thanks to a range of improvements in car design and maintenance,…
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What is Toyota Safety Sense? Everything You Need to Know

Can cars get any smarter? Apparently so, and Toyota is proving that in leaps and bounds. It’s no wonder our team and millions of drivers are so loyal to this incredible brand. At Toy Car Care, we know all about Toyota Safety Sense features, and we want our customers to be aware of how Toyota…
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The Pros and Cons of the Toyota C-HR

At Toy Car Care in Centennial, we enjoy seeing what types of vehicles our customers drive, from best sellers like the Tacoma and Camry to the relatively new Toyota C-HR. Often compared to vehicles like the Honda HR-V, Mazda CX-3, even the Nissan Juke, we think the C-HR certainly offers more head-turning style. For example,…
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Busting the Biggest Toyota Repair and Maintenance Myths

Toyota is the biggest car manufacturer in the world, selling at least 10 million vehicles a year. Consumers value Toyota vehicles for their extreme reliability, value, and quality. However, even Toyotas require diligent upkeep to ensure they can give you the lifespan you need. Prioritizing your vehicle’s repairs and maintenance can help you save money on costly replacements…
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Should I Buy a Tacoma or Tundra?

When looking for a new Toyota truck, you may be asking yourself, should I buy a Tacoma or Tundra? Well, at Toy Car Care, we know how excellently built all Toyota vehicles are, so the choice is really about weighing the pros and cons of each model and comparing how well the different features will…
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4 Toyota Repair Problems You Don’t Want

Here are 4 Toyota repair problems you don’t want – but can often avoid. Take it from Toy Car Care, these issues are very costly, inconvenient, and time-consuming to vehicle owners who depend on their cars to get them to and from where they need to go. But remember, these problems are also extremely avoidable…
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Why is My Toyota Overheating?

If you see the temperature gauge inching up, you may be asking, why is my Toyota overheating? At Toy Car Care in Centennial, Colorado, we can give you all the answers, as well as get you back on the road. Overheating happens when the engine temperature gets too high, to the point that damage can…
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Top 10 Answers: What’s Wrong With My Toyota’s Brakes?

If you’re wondering what’s wrong with my Toyota’s brakes, you may need to call the experts at Toy Car Care in Centennial for an in-depth inspection. Toy Car Care are the specialists for all Toyota vehicles big and small, and we want to make sure you and your family are safe while driving. We all…
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Is Your Toyota Check Engine Light On?

At Toy Car Care in Centennial, we know that your safety is super important. Is your Toyota check engine light on? That could be a major concern for you. Don’t delay bringing your vehicle in to have the experts check it out. It could be something as simple as a small electrical issue, or computer…
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Simple Tips for a Longer Lasting Lexus

Today, Toy Car Care in Centennial has some great tips for a longer lasting Lexus that will not only make you smile but will also keep some of that hard earned money where it should be, in your pocket! Follow these great tips below to get the most out of your Lexus, and drive with confidence,…
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