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Today’s cars and trucks are incredibly complicated machines with thousands of parts, which means a lot can go wrong with them over time. That’s why they come with sensors that trigger lights to warn you of any issues and signal the need for engine repairs and possibly rebuild services.

As you probably know, the check engine light lets you know if there’s an issue, especially if it’s flashing. You should also take action if lights for check oil, oil level low, or oil pressure come on. Next to fuel, oil is the lifeblood of your Toyota, Lexus, or Scion, keeping all components of your engine operating smoothly while reducing the friction that can build heat, produce wear and eventually cause engine failure.

So, if you have a light on, come see our experts at Toy Car Care in Centennial for the following services:

  • Check Engine Light Diagnosis

  • Electrical Problems

  • Repair Oil Seals

  • Head Gaskets

  • Oil Pan Gaskets

  • Cylinder Head Gaskets

  • Rear/Front Main Seal Replacement

  • Timing Belt or Chain

  • Valve Adjustments

  • Valve Cover Gasket

Now, in the event of a worst-case scenario, a dead engine, we’ll walk you through the options, including:

  • Rebuild – An engine overhaul will require us to disassemble it, replace worn-out parts, clean and check for other damage, and much more. The higher the miles on your car or truck, the more work it will be to overhaul the engine, which means more time without a car to get you around.

  • Replace – Here you can choose between a completely brand new engine or one that’s been remanufactured. A reman engine isn’t just pulled out of a junkyard – it’s been completely rebuilt to like-new specifications. We can discuss costs with you to find what works for your budget.

Whether you have a warning light illuminated on your dash or you’re experiencing issues with your car or truck not wanting to start, Toy Car Care is here to provide your engine repairs and rebuild services. As the largest independent Toyota and Lexus service and repair facility in Denver, our expertise can’t be beaten.

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