4 Toyota Repair Problems You Don’t Want

4 Toyota Repair Problems Here are 4 Toyota repair problems you don’t want – but can often avoid. Take it from Toy Car Care, these issues are very costly, inconvenient, and time-consuming to vehicle owners who depend on their cars to get them to and from where they need to go. But remember, these problems are also extremely avoidable if you adhere to a proper maintenance schedule at regular intervals in order to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Here are the 4 Toyota repair problems to avoid.

1. A Blown Motor

This is a serious issue, and often will be in vehicles with high mileage, but not always. You will likely have to spend in the thousands on a blown engine depending on where you service the vehicle, the type of engine it has, and whether it is a truck, car, SUV or otherwise.

A blown Toyota engine is major damage internally that will require a complete overhaul or a total replacement in some cases. It may not be worth your while to repair if the mileage on the vehicle is high. Remember, if the mileage is high and you’ve blown your engine, the chances are that other parts such as a radiator, steering, and transmission will be going out soon as well. You will need a qualified technician who can be honest with you about the situation, and who can give all the facts, even if it means throwing in the towel on your vehicle.

2. Replacing a Transmission

A Toyota without a transmission, quite simply, will not operate. So why do so many people tend to neglect to change the transmission fluids at recommended intervals? Like oil changes, it is imperative to keep the fluid clean and free of debris to ensure it continues lubricating all the necessary parts that turn the engine and make everything run smoothly.

Like a blown engine, a transmission replacement can end up costing big money, thousands even, and that does not even include other parts replacements such as a worn out clutch from poor driving habits. A repair will cost you less, of course. But keep in mind that by simply changing the transmission fluid once every 2-3 years, things should run smoothly, as they should.

3. Head Gasket

A blown head gasket is another doozy of a repair and deserves a spot on our list of 4 Toyota repair problems you don’t want. While the parts are not necessarily expensive, the labor costs may put the cost through the roof. Be sure to get some quotes and do your research when choosing a mechanic. Toy Car Care specializes in Toyota vehicles and can be of service in this department.

A gasket seals an engine’s cylinders and stops coolant and oil from leaking, and helps with compression within the engine. Timing and cooling issues are usually why these things happen, and you may notice a leak, overheating in the engine, or discolored oil. A repair can range from $1000 and up on average.

4. Air Conditioning Compressor

While an air compressor is not a huge expense if it goes, it is a huge inconvenience, because it cools down the inside of your car. Usually, a rod or valve will break in these situations, or an engine belt can cause a malfunction. Have this looked at soon to avoid more unnecessary damage. Also get an estimate, and you’ll likely get a figure of a few hundred bucks. The Freon may also need charging which can run about $100.

Why is maintenance so essential? Just like our bodies, if we don’t take care and refuel when we are hungry, and eat and drink foods that are healthy for us, our bodies will deteriorate quickly. A vehicle is no different. Not taking care of its health, can lead to any of these 4 Toyota repair problems.

Have the oil changed according to Toyota’s specifications, using the recommended oil for your make and model of car. Change the transmission fluids as well as check them periodically, depending on your driving style, as heavy pulling or hauling means more wear and tear on your vehicle’s moving parts. Pay attention to any sounds or noises that seem unusual, as this is a good indicator that something is awry.

At Toy Car Care, we know that these 4 Toyota repair problems you don’t want should be the least of your worries. That is why we invite you to come in or schedule an appointment today with one of our qualified technicians to ensure your Toyota is running exactly as it should, so you can be worry-free of expensive and unnecessary repair bills. We look forward to hearing from you.

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