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Toy Car Care is excited about one of the latest Toyota happenings, so be sure to check out the Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept and see what amazing innovations may be coming your way. If it’s realized, this vehicle may just fill the void that the FJ left behind, though think of it as a jacked up SUV minivan, or a toolbox on wheels! Either way you look at it, there’s plenty of functionality and space to haul whatever you need.

According to Toyota, “T,” stands for “toolbox” and “J,” stands for “joy,” so hopefully it will bring both those aspects to the table. Let’s check out the Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept a little closer.

The Toyota TJ Cruiser is a 14-foot long four-seater vehicle with passenger seats that recline flat, allowing it ample space for all your sporting goods, bicycles, and even the dogs. With a 2.0-liter gasoline engine as well as a hybrid system and automatic gearbox, it turns itself into a front wheel drive vehicle with on-demand four-wheel drive versatility. This will probably be the most practical drive yet with ample tie-down areas and folding seats, making it easy to haul your gear.

Toyota has also protected the outside of this cool little ride by spraying the body with a special coating that protects from rock spray, bumps, and scratches. You even have racks on top for all your gear and a tow package available. They thought of the little things as well, like a grocery bag holder behind the front seat, so there’s no more searching for lost items when you get home from the store. There has not been much talk on overall output, but it seems to be comparable to the Honda Element for looks.

We think the huge, passenger sliding door is a great concept too. While mini-van-esque, it can allows larger items to be loaded without having to break them down. If you happen to be a cycling enthusiast, you’ll be able to head out to the mountains for not just the day, but for an overnighter. Just pack up the sleeping bags, a cooler, and gear to enjoy a peaceful sleep right inside under the stars.

Overall, there’s sure to be plenty of positive feedback on the Toyota TJ Cruiser concept at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show this month. We think people will like the roomy interior and versatile capabilities. No word on when it will hit the United States market as of yet, but when it does, we’re sure people will be ready to give it a try. We think the sturdy suspension and knobby tires will be pleasing on the eyes too.

Be sure to check out the Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept and give Toy Car Care your thoughts next time you stop in for an oil change or service on your current Toyota vehicle. We love what Toyota brings to the table every year, and we are certain you will enjoy keeping up with all the new technologies too.

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