Toyota Had Autonomous Cars in the Works

Who would have thought that future vehicles could possibly drive by themselves? Toyota had autonomous cars in the works for quite some time, and Toy Car Care is extremely excited about such a futuristic concept. In fact, it looks like by the year 2020, that dream may become a reality with the help of Nvidia’s Supercomputer! And when the time comes to test drive one, we will be standing by to learn all that we can.

Toyota will use Nvidia’s Drive PX Computer to assist in the intricate details of this facet. The processor called Xavier will aid to power the autonomous driving systems of many of these future cars. However, it is not known at this time which cars will be equipped with this smart computer, or the exact time frame that it will launch. So, it seems like, until then, we will just have to hold our breathe and wait.

WHY THE NEED FOR AN AUTONOMOUS CAR? Well, besides the fact that it is pretty cool, Toyota was hoping to have it as a sort of “guardian angel” for disabled people and the elderly, as well as just an added feature in the background for people that may want it and the avoidance of accidents.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Nvidia’s concept was originally introduced in 2015. It was armed with the Drive PX that can process all of the data coming from the vehicle’s cameras and sensors. From there it uses algorithm-based operating systems and a cloud-based, high-definition 3D map to assist the car and help it get acquainted with its environment, its location, and keep an eye out for potential hazards during driving. The system’s software can be updated over the air, making the car smarter over time. Very similar to how our smartphones use technology.

EVEN MORE TECHNOLOGY TO COME: Inside the Xavier processor, which can deliver 30 trillion deep learning operations per second and only uses 30 watts of power, you will find something even more amazing, the complex system that Nvidia has named Volta. Volta is something from out of this world that will apparently unlock the power of artificial intelligence. The Xavier processor is set to be available later in the year. Let’s cross our fingers for this new idea!

WHAT WILL THESE CARS LOOK LIKE? It is most certain they will have a futuristic look to them. Scissor doors, pod-like exterior, joystick type controls, avatar like communications inside, strange wheel covers, these are just a few of the changes that have been rumored to appear. Want to have a sneak peek? Check out the Concept-i that Toyota has so brilliantly come up with.

It is not surprising to most of us at Toy Car Care that Toyota had autonomous cars in the works for a while. Toyota has always been a cutting-edge company that keeps up with the demands of the future, and more importantly, their customer’s needs, wants, and desires. Toy Car Care also holds those values dear to our hearts when providing maintenance, service, and reliability. Call us today to learn about all that we offer.

Steve Wilbur

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