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When the ‘check engine light’ warning comes on in your Toyota, head for the experts

When you notice your check engine light is lit, if you simply visit a general repair shop, specific and vital expertise might be lacking. So, rather than heading for the first location you happen to find, you really should seek out a repair shop that knows specifically about Toyotas. Why? Because the experts there will have access to the unique technical information provided by the manufacturer.

This means that they can make use of important and specific resources such as Technical Service Bulletins and Vehicle Calibration Updates. When you add their diagnostic software and reprogramming, electric wiring and collision repair specs, you’ll quickly appreciate that they have in-depth knowledge of your vehicle and are ready to offer the level of help you should always expect.

This is certainly true of Toy Car Care, offering Toyota repair services in Centennial. And, as an independent, rather than a full dealership, our overheads – and prices – are lower.

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