Toyota factory recommended maintenance

When the weather gets hotter, your Toyota shouldn’t!

At last, we can start to look towards warmer weather; shedding our winter wear as our world heats up nicely. Of course, there will then be those uncomfortably hot days to fret about!

If we overheat, we can take measures to cool down; and it’s the same if your Toyota cooling system fails to keep your vehicle at the correct temperature. Cooling system overheating can be caused by faults in a variety of key areas, from your radiator to the water pump, the thermostat or even the antifreeze; perhaps a fault in the radiator hoses.

When left untreated, such problems can cause expensive damage to your Toyota. So, if your cooling system doesn’t seem right, it makes good sense to contact our experts at Toy Car Care, delivering quality Toyota repairs here in Centennial. Our number is 303-799-3895.

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